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Past experiences give way to future life. Agreed that all experiences aren’t good, they comprise both Well and bad, but some are the worst.

And when you are unable to recover from any such experience, and it becomes a life-threatening or terrifying event, then the condition is named as “Post-traumatic stress disorder”.

There may be following past incidents due to which these traumatic conditions occur in one’s life:-
1. War
2. Natural Disasters
3. Car or Plane Crashes
4. Terrorist attacks
5. Childhood neglect
6. Sudden death of loved ones
7. Kidnapping
8. Assault
9. Physical Abuse
10. Sexual Abuse or Rapes


Symptoms:-Whatever you go through, can’t be easily hidden. Your behavior and communication reflect the same. Similarly, many symptoms can be seen if someone is suffering from PTSD.

1. Behavioral:- Agitation, irritability, hostility, Hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, social isolation.
2. Psychological:- Flashback, fear, severe anxiety, mistrust.
3. Mood:- loss of interest or pleasure in activities, guilt, loneliness.
4. Sleep:- insomnia, nightmares.
5. Emotional detachment or unwanted thoughts.


1. Medications
➢ Antidepressants :- SSRIs, TCAs
➢ Antianxiety Drugs:- Lorazepam

2. Psychological Treatment
➢ Behavioral therapy
➢ Cognitive Restricting therapy
➢ Exposure therapy
➢ Eye movement and reprocessing therapy
➢ Family Therapy
➢ Group Psychotherapy

3. Self help treatment
In self-help treatment one should go through exercises, under observations, going out with loved ones and many more ways are there.
Self-care is the best way to treat anything.

By –
Komal Kanwar Korawat

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