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All about Arthritis, its symptoms, and treatment

The one disease that affects most of the Indian households today is Arthritis, its so ubiquitous that every year more than one crore cases of arthritis are reported in India. Arthritis literally means joint inflammation. It is more commonly used to refer to any disorder that affects the joints because joint inflammation is more of a symptom than a signed diagnosis. In some severe cases of arthritis, it also affects the eye, heart, and/or skin.


Causes and symptoms
Arthritis is caused due to reduction in the amount of cartilage, a connective tissue used to absorb shock and pressure in the joints. Most common symptoms of arthritis include joint pain, stiffness, and swelling; some people also experience a decrease in range of motion and redness of the skin around the affected joint. There are two types of arthritis—Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Osteoarthritis (OA). Normal wear and tear of cartilage due to old age cause OA. An individual is more prone to developing this type of arthritis if there’s a family history of the disease. RA on the other hand is an autoimmune disorder that occurs when the tissues of the body are attacked by the immune system of the body, which in turn affects the lubricating tissue in the cartilage. Severe RA may also lead to joint deformity.

Treatment of arthritis is done to reduce the amount of pain and to prevent any further damage to the joints. Heating Pads and ice packs are helpful in soothing the pain. People also use mobility assistance devices, like canes or walkers to help take the pressure off sore joints. In very severe cases, surgery may also be performed to transplant an artificial joint.

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